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Creative Brief

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1. What are the deliverables?

What do you need to be designed/produced?
New brand identity, website, brochure, stationery etc?
What size(s) will it need to be – eg will it be an A4, 4 page brochure, a 10 page website etc?
Do you require electronic file formats to be supplied?
If so what formats – PDF, JPG, Word etc?

2. What are the timings?

Depending on the complexity of the project, the whole process could take some time. Please indicate any required stage deadlines – including when you require first concept visuals, final approval, when you can supply final content/images by etc.

3. What is the background and objective?

What is the bigger picture?
Who are your competitors?
What is the ultimate goal of this project?
Is this part of a campaign or a one-off?
What is the background behind the project?

4. Who are we talking to?

Who is the target audience?
What are their ages, gender and location?
Describe who the project is aimed at.

5. What is the key message?

What is the one key message someone would receive from this communication? What action or response are you hoping to achieve?

6. How do we support the key message?

Please use convincing information and support your message with relevant information including, statistics, facts, figures or history.

7. What are the mandatories?

What essential details need to be included in the communication? Eg contact details, logo, copy, brand guidelines to follow etc. Will you supply content or will the copy and images need to be sourced or created?

8. What are your initial thoughts?

Do you have any ideas for the creative?
Have you seen existing examples of successful
solutions or similar projects? Eg is there a competitor’s brand or website you admire? Please include any example materials or links you think are succesful or equally, unsuccessful.

9. What are the technical requirements?

Please provide as many details as possible.
If the job is for print, please indicate quantity required, material and any special finishes required. If an advertising project, please supply artwork specifications detailing mechanical sizes and file formats required.

10. What is your budget for the project?

Please indicate a ball-park budget you have allocated for this project. Please factor in, where applicable, budget for print, photography etc. This will help to determine what is possible.
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